Taking Carob To The Next Level

Keröbh™ was born from the need to experience a delightfully rich, smooth, and luxurious confection that was caffeine free — like chocolate, but not chocolate.  The fact that Keröbh™ is also theobromine free is just an added benefit.

More than just another chocolate alternative, Keröbh™ is designed from the ground up to be a compelling contender for your candy gift giving on its own merits.  While the majority of carob products today do not live up to the same appeal or fulfilling taste experience of chocolate, Keröbh™ is lovingly created by the chocolatiers here at Relivate, Inc. to change the face and raise the reputation of carob from just another also ran, to truly be a premium offering.

As one of our early taste testers observed,

“Surprisingly good – I’m not usually a carob fan, but this tastes like real chocolate. Nice, smooth texture.” – F.D. Cincinnati, OH

Chocolate lovers will love Keröbh™, not because it replaces chocolate, but because it brings a new variation to their enjoyment of the cocoa world.  Manufactured with cocoa butter to bring the rich mouth feel and smooth melting characteristics of chocolate, but embodying the sweetness and toasty bitterness of carob, Keröbh™ truly is the leader as the premium artisanal craft carob of choice for the discerning palate.

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