Keröbh™ is Caffeine Free

The story behind Keröbh™ is about a chocolate lover (me) who stopped being able to eat chocolate because of the caffeine.

Chocolate has two basic stimulants in it, caffeine and theobromine.  Caffeine, most commonly associated with coffee, tea, and soda is also present in chocolate. Theobromine, formerly known as xantheose, is an alkaloid somewhat like caffeine in chemical makeup that draws its name from the genus of the cacao tree, Theobroma. While theobromine’s effects are similar to caffeine in humans, in animals like dogs and cats (among others) it can be toxic.

So, when I started off to create an alternative to chocolate that would create just as much luxury and joy in the mouth, and feeling of satisfaction in the eater, I ended up using carob and cocoa butter together, thus creating a rich, smooth mouth feel and delightful flavor with none of the caffeine or theobromine commonly found in chocolate.  Pretty cool, eh?

Keröbh™ has given me back the experience that I missed so much when I stopped being able to eat chocolate.  And, what’s more, Keröbh™ has none of the hydrogenated fats that most carob products use, and it is naturally caffeine free and delicious!  I’m definitely in love.

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