Keröbh™ – Premium Carob

Keröbh™ is a premium artisanal craft carob personally created for you by the chocolatiers here at Relivate, Inc.

Combining a luxurious silky smooth, elegantly melting, rich mouth feel with a nutty sweet aroma and hints of vanilla sweetness, Keröbh™ takes the experience of carob to the next level.

Great alone or with the finest wines, cheeses, and fruit — Keröbh™ is a decadent confectionery delight, perfect for any occasion.  And, unlike chocolate, it is naturally caffeine free!

Check out a few reviews from our customers:

“Regarding carob’s resurgence in the US, look no further than a company called Keröbh, creating “premium artisanal craft carob.” Yes, that’s right – “artisanal” has reached the carob world, and I don’t expect it to stop here. Instead of mixing the carob with hydrogenated vegetable oil, they are combining it with cocoa butter, which allows them to create carob candy without the damaging oils. I’ve tried Keröbh, personally, and like it – I let it melt on my tongue to get the full, smooth effect. And it has the wonderful carob flavor – sweet, toasty and nutty.” – Paste Magazine

“Surprisingly good – I’m not usually a carob fan, but this tastes like real chocolate. Nice, smooth texture.” – F.D. Cincinnati, OH

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