About Us

Founded in 2014 by husband and wife team, Stephen and Galadriel Simons, and their good friends CJ Persson and Carina Alvarez, Relivate, Inc is the realization of a vision to take carob to the next level.  An avid fan of the finest chocolate -- Swiss, Belgian, English, American, and more --  Stephen first discovered carob as an alternative to chocolate as a child, but didn't seriously reconsider it until a few years ago when, for health reasons, he had to cut all caffeine out of his diet, thus seriously restricting his access to the chocolate he so loved.

At first, Stephen joined the average consumers of carob and purchased the carob products already available at health food stores and online.  However, he found himself wanting more from it than it could readily provide.  And so, after years of buying traditional carob products, in 2013 he started experimenting with making his own carob. The result of almost two years of research, launched in 2015, was Keröbh™.

Combining the finest ingredients using our proprietary methods, Keröbh™ is a premium artisanal craft carob that draws on the qualities of the finest chocolates and marries it with the unique flavors of carob to produce a luxurious confection that is both delightful and satisfying.