Refund Policy


For purposes of this Refund Policy, an “Order” means the product and quantity indicated on our packing slip or other shipping information as being shipped to you. An order confirmation alone does not constitute an Order.

Incomplete Orders

If less than the quantity reflected on your Order is delivered because we did not include sufficient quantity of the product in your package, we will issue a credit to your credit card account in the amount charged for the missing quantity (if your credit card has already been charged for the order) or (b) we will not charge your credit card for the missing quantity.   The foregoing is your sole and exclusive remedy for incomplete or cancelled orders.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We hope you will be completely satisfied with our product.  If you are not completely satisfied for reasons within our control, and you inform us of your dissatisfaction in detail and in writing within 30 days of the date of your Order, as determined in our sole discretion, we will either (a) refund the purchase price of your Order or (b) deliver to you a replacement Order of product as soon as possible.  We do not refund shipping charges.  The foregoing is your sole and exclusive remedy for dissatisfaction with our product.

Returns and Exchanges

Unless we specifically request that you return all or a portion of an Order, and you follow our express instructions, we do not accept returns.  You will be responsible for paying for the shipping costs for returning product to us unless we state otherwise in our express instructions.  We cannot process exchanges.